Welcome to End Time Prophecy

We are often perturbed by current news events ranging from uprisings, unrest, crime and natural phenomena to financial collapses. Many people are wondering why these things are happening and why their intensity and frequency appears to be escalating. More importantly people are wondering where and when will it all end.

Biblical prophecy serves to answer these questions in surprising detail, but these prophecies are spread throughout the Bible and it is often difficult to connect these related prophecies. Symbolism is often applicable to interpreting prophecy and an above average knowledge of history and especially the history of Israel is required to understand prophecy correctly.

Many people don’t have the inclination to study Bible prophecy because they might not have the time, they may find the prophetic books difficult to understand or depressing, or they just don’t know where to start.

The End Time Revelation blog is a text for text contemporary commentary on the Book of Revelation aimed at making the blessing promised in the Book available for all who visit this site and stay a while to read its pages.

If you enjoy our website and find blessing from its content, please let us know by dropping us a mail.



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